2012 EAS Workshops


Subject to Improvement

Time Topic Speaker
1:30 Writing w/ Bees Ann Harman, Va.
Native Pollinators Debbie Delaney De.
Apitherapy Reyah Carlson, Vt.
Bee Fabrics Diana Sammataro, Az.
Nucs  (In the Apiary) Larry Connor, Mi.
Bee Genetics Explained Jon Zawislak, Ar.
2:30 Break Break
3:00 All about Mead w/ the Mead Maker Mark Simikaski, Vt.
If You Have a Hiveā€¦ You Have Your Own Medicine Chest Rich Wieske, Mi.
Vt. Maple Syrup Timothy Perkins, Vt.
Apitherapy 2 Reyah Carlson, Vt.
Why Disease Matters Jim Tew, Oh.
In The Bees - Basics Rick Drutchas, Vt.
4:00 Cooking w/ Bees Michael Young, NIR
How Honey is Properly Judged Tony Jadczak, Me.
Bee & Colony Photography Claire Waring, UK
Hive Stress Monitoring Devices Frank Linton, Va.
In the Bees - Advanced Steve Parise, Rick Drutchas, Don Hopkins

Note: 3-5PM Thursday Intervale Visit w/ Travis Marcotte


Time Topic Speaker
1:30 Developing a Spiritual Connection with the Bees Ross Conrad, Vt.
Quebec PM Program for Varroa Pierre Giovenazzo, Qc.
Short History of Pollination Peter Borst, Ny
Update on Bee Stings & Allergies Barry Thompson, Md.
Thinking Bees/Talking Bees
Conversations w/ Vermont Beekeepers
Schrin R. Oeding, Vt.
2:30 Break Break
3:00 Swarm the State: The return of the Rustic Sam Comfort, Fl.
Summer Splits Mike Palmer, Vt.
To Dip or not to Dip:  Making a Living from Beeswax Candles Martin Marklin, NH.
Nosema ceranae- who's infected in the hive? Brenna Traver, Va
(2011 EAS Foundation Award winner)
How Local Bees Make Lake Champlain Chocolate's Buzz Gary Coffey, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Vt.
Author Panel Seeley, Conrad, Caron, Mares, Flottum, Connor
In The Bees - Basics Rick Drutchas, Vt
4:00 Issues with Organic/Alternative
Honey Production
Panel moderated by Ross Conrad, Vt.
(Comfort, Dehne, Duffy, Varon, White)
Mite ABC's Diana Sammataro, Az.
Cheese and Honey Michael Young, NIR & Cabot Cheese rep.
Hygienic Bees Marla Spivak, Mn.
The Sustainable Bee Club:
A Club Approach to Promoting
local Nuc and Queen Rearing
Karla Eisen, Va.
In the Bees - Advanced Steve Parise, Vt & Chas Mraz, Vt