2014 Special Events

Special Events

Queen Rearing Workshop: (Sorry Sold out) Jennifer Berry will be offering a two-day queen rearing workshop for 25 individuals, July 28-29th during the Short Course. There will be no extra charge, but participants have to sign up for the entire two-day workshop because the courses are designed sequentially. There will also be a Q&A session along with checking on grafted cells for a few hours Wednesday morning in the beeyard. This is an amazing opportunity for EAS attendees to learn from one of the best queen producers in Georgia. For more information, please check out the course curriculum below. This queen production workshop is being funded by a generous grant provided by Monsanto.

Monday July 28, 2014
 Class Description
TimeIn the Classroom
9:00-9:50Overview: Life History and Biology of Queens and Drones
10:00-10:50Why Rear Your Own Queens and How to Start? Importance of good queens, stock selection, breeder and drone mother colonies

Timing is Everything: Rearing superior queens starts months in advance

TimeIn the Apiary

***Bring your own veil and other gear if you so need

1:00-1:50Setting up Starter/Finisher Colonies: Various methods for starting and finishing queen cells
2:00-2:50Hive Evaluations for Selecting Breeders and Record Keeping
Tuesday July 29, 2014
 Class Description
TimeIn the Classroom
9:00-9:50What You Will Need: Equipment and instructions necessary for queen rearing
10:00-10:50Learn How to Graft: Hands on grafting session
11:00-11:50Learn How to Graft: Hands on grafting session
TimeIn the Apiary ***Bring your own veil and other gear if you so need
1:00-1:50Setting Up Mating / Nucleus Colonies and Marking Queens
2:00-2:50Non-Grafting Techniques
Wednesday July 30, 2014
 Class Description

In the Apirary

***Bring your own veil and other gear if you so need


10:00-11:50Evaluation and Discussion: Checking on newly constructed cells, transporting into finishers/mating nucs and course summary




KidsandBees - Bring your kids to nearby Berea College Farm, KY - Friday, August 1st - 9am - 3pm - $50.  The Beekeeping Academy is a one day camp for kids going into grades four through six. Students will spend their day in a fun and educational immersion into the world of the bee. During the morning hours, we will take an in-depth look into bee anatomy, biology, and sociology, and their vital role in our food system. The afternoon will be spent up close and personal with honey bee hives and native bee observations. Throughout the day students will learn about present challenges bees face, and how they can be part of the solution in the bee's survival.  More information and registration at www.beegirl.org


Quilting Classes - Three one hour classes on quilting.  Classes can be taken individually or as a sequence and are appropriate for beginning and advanced sewers.
All skills involve hand sewing and all materials included.  There is a $10 fee for first class and $5 for additional classes.  The fee is for materials and is to be paid to the instructor.  These classes have limit of 15 participants.
There will a fourth class (free) which is a lecture on "History of the Quilt Bee"