2017 Honey Tasting Workshop

2017 Honey Tasting Workshop


How to Taste and Evaluate Honey: Matching Flowers to Flavors

Tasting and evaluating honey is a skill earned through consciously tasting a wide variety of honeys to identifying their sensory qualities to identify aromas and flavors in a honey sample. Learn the methods of sensory analysis used by sommeliers to taste and evaluate honey like an expert. If you are looking to improve your knowledge of honey and your tasting skills you should attend this workshop. The art of being a honey tasting expert is as complex as being a wine or olive oil sommelier.

* Learn the difference between taste and flavor through sensory exercises
* Taste and learn about important honeys and their floral sources. 
* Learn how to identify 9 basic aromas and flavors families in honeys. 
* Enrich your vocabulary for describing honey through descriptors. 
* Write detailed tasting notes using the honey aroma and flavor wheel 
* Brush up on the composition and physical properties of honey.
* Understand the how’s and why’s of crystallization, and how to evaluate its qualities.
* Learn about the causes of defects in honey and how to avoid them. 

Marina Marchese is the founder of the beloved brand Red Bee Honey and the author of HONEYBEE and co-author, with Kim Flottum (editor of Bee Culture Magazine) of The Honey Connoisseur. She is a the first American resident to complete the training and be accepted into the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey which led her to establish The American Honey Tasting Society (AHTS). Marina has presented honey tastings for EATALY, Murray's Cheese Shop, the Museum of Food and Drink(MOFAD) Culinary Institute at Greystone with the National Honey Board as well as numerous corporate consulting clients.

Attendance will be limited to this workshop scheduled 9:30-12:30 on Wednesday August 2. Sign up for workshop when you pick up your registration materials. You are encouraged to bring your own honey.


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