How it Works

How it Works

First time attendees are often confused about how the week long conference operates.  For starters, there are two main sections to the conference; The Short Course and the Main Conference.  For each of these there are usually several parallel sessions going on simultaneously.  You are free to move from one session to another session according to your interests.  While you do have to register for the days you will attend (Short Course, Main Conference or Combination), selecting which lecture, laboratory, or demonstration you want to attend is just a matter of walking into the appointed room or area. The schedule of presentations will be posted in advance on the this web site, but may not be finalized until a week or two before the conference.  You must be an EAS Member to attend the daytime sessions.  On-line Pre-registration will be open a few months before the conference.

Short Course: The Short Course is held on Monday, Tuesday and overlaps the Main course on Wednesday. The Short Course includes several one or two day mini-courses appropriate for beginner/hobbyist, intermediate Side-liner and for Advanced beekeeper interest.  You do not have to signup in advance for any particular talk, demonstration or Laboratory in advance. 

Main Conference: The EAS Main Conference begins on Wednesday, with Short Course participants included, extending through Friday afternoon. There will be keynote presentations to begin our daily programs followed by multiple tracks of presentations continuing through the afternoon.

Combined Short Course and Main Conference: This option is for those people who would like to attend both Short Course and the main conference at a cheaper price than selecting each individually.

Special Events:  There are often special evening tour/events for which you may bring a guest without having to pay the registration fee for your guest. You may need to pay an additional charge to attend some of the special events and some may require a reservation to attend.

Registration: While walk-in registration is possible, it can result in wait. Preregistration is recommenced and may be required for some activities.


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