EAS 2019

EAS 2019

EAS 2019 Planning is in the early stages.

 EAS 2019 Badge


The team is actively looking into the bigger details and things are coming together.

 Multiple aspects have been scouted and the emails and phone calls and webex things are happening.


It is a very exciting time as the work team transitions, starts to gel and results start coming back. 

It is premature to start sharing just yet but "know that we know you know".. and are looking all the time

...so as soon as we know - you get the idea!


In the meantime, if you are new to EAS or just want to reminisce about 2018 we have reinstated the 2018 Conference Program

It is listed on the top of the 2018 Conference listings and available in PDF format. The program is over 70 pages and if this is your first time looking into EAS we think it is a a fantastic place to get a feel for what the whole thing is about. 


Our Mission Is:
Education and Conferences,
Master Beekeeper Certification,
Honey Bee Research Grants